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Everyone you know has a favorite jig. I am no exeption.  The BICO (beeko) jig is far and away my favorite and it is the number one most highly rated jig on Amazon.com. This jig has a unique design and hook configuration that refuses get hung up as easily as other jigs as it comes over branches and around docks, The standard size jig is 3/8 of an ounce but the BICO Bug (1/4oz), the heavier Baccarac jigs (1/2 & 3/4oz) along with a 1oz. BICO Bomb, a punching jig have been added to the line up. These are the best jigs you can buy....prove me wrong!  www.bicojigs.com

"If you're scared, say you're scared!" Originally designed for kokonee salmon fishing until big bass hunters in California got a hold of them. Soon afterward East Coast guys realized how these big topwater plugs were second to none for catching the biggest fish swimming in their waters. These things are particularly deadly at night and cloud covered days. My three favorite colors are the Shad, the Dark Trout and the Perch in that order. www.msslammer.com <--nothing to see here, you're scared!
Massachusetts, New Hampshire have laws against using lead in fishing weights. Ken Mckee got ahead of all of this and began manufacturing different types of quality leadfree heads and lures. By far the best Ned Rig jigs on the market! Far better than the Zman (imho). Check out Ken's site for some quality fish catching lures. After all, his jigs "taste better than lead." leadfreebassjigs.com