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Everyone has their go-to lures and I'm no different. One thing I know is that the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. I'm always watching what others are doing and at the same time trying never to forget the lures that have been catching fish forever. With that said, here are some of my favorite lures:
BiCO Jigs-Everybody and I mean everybody makes jigs. Nobody makes a better jig than Bill Quattrucci of BICO (pronounced bee-co) jigs. The Original BiCO Jig was designed and perfected over 20 years ago. It’s a  3/8 oz lead-free bass jig designed to target bass in and around shallow cover.  It’s the ideal jig for fishing the bottom in heavily weeded areas, skipping under docks and low-hanging trees, and/or being used as a swim jig. It’s pointed head and stiff-fiber weedguard makes it come through weeds and cover remarkably well.

MS Slammer-Mike Shaw has been handcrafting these Big Bass/Fish baits since 1993. Every big bass fisherman owns some. Many personal best fish have been caught on the MS Slammer. Want big fish...consider a 9" MS Slammer!

Megabass Vision 110-This is a suspending jerkbait that many other manufacturers have tried to duplicate because of  it's popularity. When this bait works as it was intended, it the far and away the best suspending jekbait on the market. (IMHO) Cons-Very expensive and they have been known to stop suspending and begin to sink slowly.

Deps Buzzjet-Everyone remembers the Jitterbug, well the Buzzjet is a Jitterbug on steroids. It has a side to side motion and a prop on the back and it causes a stir in the water like no other bait and it drives both largemouth and smallmouth crazy. Highly recommend fishing this bait during the warmer months at dawn or dusk-HOLD ON! Black is my favorite color.

Manns Minus 1-This crankbait has been around for a long time. It still produces fish like crazy in shallow water situations and primarily in the Fall when the crankbait seems to reign supreme. I prefer the 1/2 oz size.

Rat-L-Trap-Another great Fall bait that has been around forever. Many companies make some version of this bait but why spend more on one than you need too. This bait was done right the first time.